Euro breakdown cover, Any recommendations?

Just checked with my insurer who have told me I dont have breakdown cover.

I have a UK setup with my bank but with the choccie run I need something else.

Who uses who, and has anyone had to use them in anger to get something sorted out?

Found this lot which is only £13 for the 2 days.

Looking at RAC and like just wanted any opinions really.


I still use my German ADAC membership, they cooperate with the AA. You should ask there.

I have a very good breakdown cover for Europe including Air Rescue for a very good price.


I’m doing the RAC which is comprehensive breakdown cover for £10 for a single trip…

When booking the tunnel ticket you had an option for euro breakdown with green flag

Good call thanks for the heads up

Yup good shout I am on it.

The tunnel I thought said it wasnt for bikes?

I just booked with the AA for £6.83.

just called, i’ve got euro cover :slight_smile:

Alright for some ain’t it!

sometimes, was going to downgrade will leave till next week i think :smiley:

seeing as my bike is old as the hill (12 years) I got RAC super uber deluxe cover for £32