EU to UK Driving Licence

Hi guys and happy new year to all :slight_smile:

I 've been looking at insurance companies and quotes etc. as I’m trying to buy a bike here in London.
The thing is, I have an EU licence and it seems that the insurance is way more expensive for EU holders.
How should I go about changing my licence to a full-UK licence?

Any advice welcome, thanks in advance!

Its as simple as swapping it I think. Go to the post office and get the forms. D1 form I believe.

All the info you need:

Did this about a year ago and it’s as straightforward as ordering form, filling it out and sending it with your old license.

you guys are forgetting to mention the £50 charge or whatever it is now :slight_smile:

I didn’t have to pay to swap my license, but that was a few years ago now

Still, it was relatively straight forward; fill in the forms, provide the info/documents required and you get your shiny new UK license in the post in no time :slight_smile:

I did it last year and the fee is £50 as amen said. I thought the link mentioned it but I think it might be the form.

I would love to have an overseas licence - just think how useful it could be - is the extra insurance penalty not worth paying to keep these benefits?

Is getting your vehicle seized worth it?

He gets to keep his euro licence too ,its not one or the other . Next time your on holiday somewhere furrin book a drivin test while your there :slight_smile:

vehicle seized?

as an EU licence holder you do not need to change your licence until a certain event occurs, either you turning 70 or staying here for more than 3 years, whichever is the longer option applies

to be found here (under ‘Residents’) ->

I still have my German issued EU licence and will not exchange it.

Yes… What he was implying was to keep the vehicle of foreign plates. There was a post on here a couple of month back about someone’s bike getting seized because it wasn’t on UK plates and it had been here for years. It still had tax and insurance.

Same here, I’m on a french license have been for 5 years. Ain’t going to change it either not worth the hassle

ah. the vehicle licence afaik has to be changed indeed, but don’t quote me on that. Should probably be something about that on directgov too.

Hasn’t really changed that much they just give more of a sh!t about it

Ok but isn’t insurance much more expensive for EU holders? That is my main problem… Would rather get my licence swapped for 50 pounds than pay much more on insurance… I’m only saying because all the quotes were 2000+ for an '04 1000cc!!! Am I doing something wrong??

Insurance is a lot cheaper anywhere lol. Do a few quotes with different variables. Shouldn’t be a lot more expensive because your an EU licence holder.

My friend registered his car in Bulgaria for £90 a year. Cheapest quote he got here was £2400. My car to insure in Portugal is about 120€ or something silly like that here cheapest I found was £999 with a sh!t load of excess. Don’t know about bikes as it has always been reasonable so I’ve never bothered.

TuonoWLF I’ll send you a PM

So I just need to look more into insurance companies… Could you pm me some advice on which companies are the best? This is all very helpful guys, thanks a lot! :Wow:

Nice. :cool:

Not really no, I pay £140-ish a year for tpft on a fazer 600, the difference with being on a UK licence was only a few pounds hence why I haven’t bothered. Your quote could be down to numerous things age, location, no claims etc… having an eu licence will make very little difference