EU plans super MOT, roadside spot checks, restrictions on bike modifications

The European Commission has just launched an internet consultation envisaging harsh and costly new measures that go far beyond the current MoT system familiar to riders across the UK, including
•road-side spot-checks specifically for motorcycles
•inspection of upgrades, replacement parts and modifications
•EU member states to swap information about individual vehicles
•additional inspections whenever the vehicle changes hands
•increased test fees (up to 30% extra)
•all EU countries to adopt the harshest test conditions currently found in any member state

for more info from MAG - see :

for more info from FEMA - see:

The consultation runs for less than one month, until 24th September 2010, via the EU official website:

Sounds all good too me (assuming it will apply to any vehicle)!!

I think roadsite checks are a very good idea. How often do you see a vehicle of which you think “that can never have passed an MOT”? No MOT means no insurance, so anything that will remove uninsured and dangerous vehicles of the road is a good idea IMHO.

Just sounds like a way to get more money out of us … another tax.

Why try to fix something that works well, current MOT is fine and the cops already do spot check in conjunction with the DVLA. We don’t have the Euro in this country so why would we even consider signing up to this rubbish from Brussells

Increase fee by 30% -> tax
Inspection everytime you sell -> tax
Spot check = emissons/noise level from your arrow-blueflame-micron-termi-yoshi-povic does not comply with the latest EU reg -> fine (tax) or worse (bike seized)

I’ve read some of the stuff about this and MAG are concerned to sat the least…

It’s possible that MOT’s will be aligned with a system that may be as strict as Germany (TUV certificate anyone?)

In Ireland MOTs for cars are a recent thing - they are called NCT’s and last a couple of years. There’s no such thing for motorcycles so for countries in the same situation this would be a massive headache

So the actual proposals are actually about improving the standards abroad (where many countries have no safety inspections on bikes) so that vehicles comming here will have had similar requirments to the ones we already have, as we have almost the toughest vehicle saety system in Europe. Personally, I think it is a good thing that the italian registered scooter that cuts you up has had its brakes properly tested before it came here.


The Europe/ the world is actually bigger than this island.

If it improves safety and doesn’t impinge too much on the individual’s choices (of bike mod etc), it’s all good.

I left MAG because their magazine reads like the Daily Mail on a bad day, and I’m afraid your post does too. If, as you claim it’s tax, how can you, as you claim, it be a EU thing? Tax/fines/inspection whatever is paid locally, so what benefit does the EU get from this?

As above, I’d rather all vehicles on the road are roadworthy, and I don’t think MOTs currently work, as you claim again.
Hands up who knows a place who will give you a certificate without properly checking your bike? I know I got my previous bike through MOT without the guy switching it on, checking lights, barely looking at it. Do you claim this is a system that works?
Looking at the number of vehicles I say every day that have broken mirrors, broken brakelights or generally look like they’re about to fall apart, I don’t believe there’s much “spot checks” going on.

In some neighbouring countries, MOTs (or equivalent) are only required every 2 years. A lot can go wrong in those 2 years, and those vehicles are on our roads too (I probably should say “your roads” as without the EU I wouldn’t have a right to be here).

As for the increase in test fee. The fee is what, £25/30 these days? MAG says it will increase by 30%, so realistically, 10-15% so it’ll go up to £30/40. Is that really a headache to worry about when we pay £100s extra in insurance every year because we pay for uninsured vehicles on our roads?

More and better spot checks is a good thing in my opinion.

The theory of roadside checks is all very well, but to what standard? What if we end up, as in the TUV mentioned above, with a system that makes it illegal to have anything fitted that isn’t made and approved by your manufacturer - even if it’s better, like braided brake lines just as one example.

IMHO, the current MOT system in the UK is “good enough”. I have no objection to the EU encouraging countries with no inspection to match ours. And I have no real objection to Germany deciding to have a much more strict version, providing I can ride through their country legally with a bike that is legal under our laws. But what I really object to is the ratchet that says everyone must match the strictest current regime. Just because the German TUV is a fascist, control freak organisation doesn’t mean what they get away with is appropriate for the whole of Europe.

I do not want an environment where I can only ride a BMW with BMW approved accessories, fitted by a BMW authorised dealer. I want to be able to fit a legal but lighter can, Pazzo levers, alternate sprockets, etc etc etc.

look alot more into it then yr think oh no bikes will be targeted as easy prey(easy money)as well as othersits a nanny state and they like to control usif we all stuck together and said no where gonna pay road tax what could they do? nothing but no everyone thinks well there come and knock on my door with baliffs etc they we threaten u with al sorts but thats what they thrive on , just think if we had solardarity etc but hey ho until everyone sticks together