Estoril Moto GP: Result?

i’d bet on the Pedo

“Pedrosa aka Party Animal” ha ha - I think Ive only seen him smile once! :smiley:

Rubbing my mystical balls I can see Rossi 1st with stonner and pedrossa on the other poddium steps. 5th for toesland.

I would give you the rest of the grid, but the old mysticals are a bit tender.

I think Rossi might get a result this weekend…however I think he’s made a big mistake going to Bridgstone

i’m hoping toseland will ‘pin rossis’ hat on’!!

Defo a big mistake going to Bridgestones…but hes got the ability and experience to do well so we’ll see if hes makes it onto the podium again…

As for James IF hes running the new engine and has full health then watch this space…hes been on their tails the whole time with a much slower engine! Great to see him bringing some WSB attitude to motoGP he’s has spiced it right up lol :slight_smile: of course along with Jorge

thats what many thought about the switch to yamaha, i think he has one more championship left in him somewhere, he just needs to find the right mix again

i think Toseland has it in hm to win. If he’s on an equal machine i think he stands a real chance. Although…im not brave enough to put 50 squids on it! :stuck_out_tongue:

James has not rode Estoril before, It’s his first time on the puffer engine.

I think a win is expecting a bit too much. Another 6 place for JT.

I think Dovizioso will surprise people this weekend with a podium:cool:

Gorgeous George for the win though:)

I’m going for Rossi He’s good round Estoril plus a master in the wet;)

as long as its not paedo-rosa or stoner then i’m happy :smiley:


I’ve never liked Pedrosa…his dour demeanor doesn’t fit in MotoGP…I mean, you are one of 18 people in the WORLD who get to participate the world’s premier motorcycle racing forum…is it asking too much to act like you ENJOY it? To smile now and then? The fact that he is Puig’s little bitch doesn’t do it for me either.

I used to like Stoner…when he was crashing the LCR Honda all the time because of his bonzai riding style…but he’s since gone the way of Bitch-aggi…always whining…always pissing and moaning about people being in HIS line…blah blah blah…I’m ready to see some serious bad luck head his way.

I’m excited about watching my new favorite rider…Dovi…I’d like to see him up front this week-end. Hayden too…I never complain when Rossi is up front either.

Dovi has a good record at Estoril he seems a good lad would be nice so see him on the podium but it might be hard with the tech3 yams having a power boost this weekend

But Bridgestones have historically been pants at Estoril:w00t:

true but rossi didnt do so badly at jerez compared to the others on same rubber who struggled, incl. stoner

i’m waiting to have another one of those “he didnt just go and do that did he?” moments, its been a while and we know he can do it, just need the planets to line up correctly

where was it that he got that 10 second penalty but still managed to get enough of a lead throughout the race to win? he was on a honda i remember that, egging him on each lap was great fun…i know it was easily the best bike but still very impressive