Estoril - last lap

I think I held my breath the whole last lap …

What a great day’s racing:)

All three classes were really entertaining stuff :w00t:

I watched the F1 and then the Moto Gp - I was literally falling asleep watching the F1! Moto Gp on the other hand - what a race! :smiley:

The race was great at the start, and then more so towards the end. Shame you don’t get to see all the battles happening further down the field. Monsterous result for Val. Hate to say it, but I reckon one of the rides of the day was Hayden. How bad did his bike appear at the start, a few laps in and the thing was bucking and kicking like a wild thing, thought he was going very backwards or going to crash myself, but he picked up mid race and came home a clear fourth.

Corker !!! :wink:

The Rossi Celebration Lap was pure ShowBiz !!! :w00t:

I was chuffed for Hayden, I guess this track will still have bad memories from last year :Whistling:

Stoner looked a little unsteady at times too.