Any Estonians out there?

Been to Tallinn once but not sure that counts

fraid not. my estonian wife is not that much into bikes, figured if there was a fellow national she could hang out with, speak their native language with, it would become easier to entice her. but thanks

My Latvian girlfriend received a YBR125 from Santa last Christmas. Sadly, it hasn’t been ridden too much yet!

She did ride pillion through Spain for two weeks last year though and comes to all my race meetings.

We went to Estonian midsummer party thing last weekend, as she works with an Estonian girl that invited us.

Send a PM if you want to meet up somewhere perhaps.

Where is Estonia.

Next to Latvia

Where`s Latvia.

In the Baltics

Where are the Baltics.

i can see this going on for some time… :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh no it isn`t.:stuck_out_tongue:

map for you

Still can`t find it.

told you! :smiley:

got the impression that those baltic mini-states are becoming rightwing fascist countries

So your Russian then.

Stop calling him Russian John, it’s insulting dude. :ermm:

Why :wink:

I’m not very green fingered but I’m sure some of the gardeners on here will be able to help:)