Esso petrol station on a3


I read on another forum that Oz allows petrol stations access to the uninsured and untaxed vehicles database. Filling stations won’t turn on the pump if the vehicle flags up as missing either.

This would have a dramatic affect on the scrotes and would also wipe out the estimated 10% of uninsured vehicles on London’s roads.


Slightly off topic but I saw the scooter scrotes yesterday on Buckingham Palace Road at 18:00, 2 high power scooters, 2 up, Roof Lids and no plates. Same again today, battered high power scooter speeding West on Old Brompton road. They seem to be out and about again. Great news if they can’t fuel up though.


They make you take the helmet off again to pay…
I know from experience :roll_eyes:


I usually use pay at the pump stations…:wink: