Esso petrol station on a3


Just before robin hood roundabout northbound

It has a no helmet policy, so that’s the last time I go there.



That’s rubbish, don’t they know the law is to wear helmets while riding a motorcycle…


That really annoys me too especially when I used to be wearing my blood bike jacket.

My local garage staff know me now and actually told me to give a hand signal to let them know I’m one of the safe ones. It’s a wave of the finger from your forehead.


Should take your helmet off revealing a niqab underneath. That’ll learn them!


It’s really flipping annoying when earplugs will drop out, and one has to remove glasses as well.


Well simples, you just follow their policy, extremely slowly. Casually take your helmet off, carefully place ear plugs in their box, dig out your reading glasses, blow your nose, fill up, nicely wipe down the couple of split drops, carry your lid inside, place it full view on the counter, pay for your fuel around your helmet. Then slowly make your way back to the bike and meticulously put all your gear back on just so, double and triple check everything and only then ride off freeing up that pump. Throughout all of this faff, the garage will be losing money as others behind cannot use that pump. It is only be affecting their bottom line and reducing their throughput that they will consider any change.


we should arrange a rideout and go and fuel up, all at the same time! :smiley:


Theres one in Ealing wanted me to pay up front.


taking the helmet off & paying before you fill is a few actions the mayor was trying to get all London fuel stops to introduce to try to stop scrotes on scoots getting fuel

its never really bothered me either way


It’s always easier and cheaper to punish the innocent than to actually stop the problem.


I’ll see if we can get a discount if we order our pitchforks in bulk.


I honestly don’t think 2 minutes of taking my lid off is a big deal, if it makes them feel safer.
What I truly hate is people doing their weekly shopping which takes forever to pay.
They should have separate tills for fuel only.


I think its more a case of
“look we are doing something” PR thingy


I suspect this would affect the rider much more than the garage. Aside from anything else, those of us who tend to take our hats off before going into shops anyway are probably already taking almost as long as this.

I really don’t think motorbikes are a significant enough part of their market that petrol stations need to be very interested in pleasing us - we’re in the minority, have relatively small tanks and wont buy much from the shop. If we were that vital a part of the market then I think more petrol stations would be obviously appeasing the riders who like going into shops with helmets on.


It’s not the helmet that’s the issue… It’s undoing the jacket, removing gloves, remove helmet, then balaclava, then unzip jacker to put balaclava back in when wearing, then helmet, then gloves, then zip jacket sleeves up…

In winter once I jump on bike I don’t want to have to adjust clothing as there will always be something where the rain will go in or the wind


What Serrisan said…


I see a pattern forming here…lazy Greeks :grin:

Although, they never ask me to remove my lid.
You two should try make an effort to look more polished rather than a common thief. :smile:


You back on 2 wheels Alba?


On the scooter for now. Not strong enough for bike.


How about taking off your helmet to fill up. Then putting your helmet back on, then going inside to pay?