esso bull roundabout dagenham

No fuel with out removing lid

Yeah mate its for ANPR, they have a facial recognition camera that tracks the distance between your eyes and matches it to your bike.

Big brother!!!

Wonder if the ask Muslim women to remove burkas?

Do you refuse to remove your helmet when talking to people?

I wear mine to bed, personally.

If I already have it on and they start talking to me then yes, I leave it on. I only ever fill up at my petrol station opposite my house and they know me so tge lid stays on.
But if I go to a new petrol station I take the lid off out of courtesy before they ask me too. For some reason I get annoyed when asked to do it, but will happily take it off under my own choice

so tge lid stays on Marmablade
You got a TGE now! Saw them on the lower shelves in our local Tesco's being given away with 1Kg bags of brussel sprouts ;-)

My phone always changes the too tge!! And sometimes I miss it and don’t change it :slight_smile:

Is that one of them smart phones Mr Branson is forever trying to palm me off with?

Yep, but I think mine is a little retarded

i go to the same petrol station so that i dont need to take it off!

What’s TGE?

he cant spell THE i think

Ha, just realised that tge is the typo for the.  

It’s a £29.99 helmet because Marma was too tight to buy the Halfords one


For some reason my phone replaces a ‘H’ with a ‘G’ on certain words, sometimes i notice it and change it, other times it gets away with it and makes me look silly!!

the phone* makes you look silly.  of course.  :D

*translating for Sam ‘tge pgone’.

I wear mine to bed, personally. Jay
And to work....

Wow that’s a few years ago :slight_smile: