Essex Newbie

hi all,

I’m Lewis, 33 year old from Hornchurch and currently riding 09 600RR. Looking forward to some good rideouts this year and am planning trips to both WSB and MotoGP at Silvetstone.

Did Stelvio pass last year, Lake Como, Milan and some of Switzerland on a Ducati Monster. Ireland this year to see the in-laws on the CBR

Hope to catch some of you around


Hi :slight_smile: Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

hi welcome :Dhow close can you get, we are in the same town:D

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hi there and welcome…:slight_smile:
I’m not far from you.

Hi and welcome. :smiley:

welcome to lb:)

Welcome. :slight_smile:

Did Davos to Stelvio in 08…Stunning roads.

Thanks for the warm welcome

i’m just off Abbs Cross Blackbird, where are you?

What about you digger?

Hi Lewis, look forward to seeing you out on the Essex twisties…

Cheers CGB, Burnham Bends eh

just round the corner, just down from hornchurch station,

Welcome to LB :smiley:

Hi Humbucker,
I am newbie as well and I am definitely going to the MotoGP and WSB to Silverstone (I also watch BSB and try to catch as many events a I can withstand :slight_smile: I’ve been at Brands Hatch last Monday)
It would be nice if we cooperate on ride-outs. I am riding a blue Honda CB 500S with a German registration plate – that’s the way to identify me in the crowd.