Essex Boy

Well, I’ve done it. Become an Essex boy. Moved in with the other half in Chelmsford yesterday, sold up in Enfield. No longer one of the Enfield/Cheshunt/Herts contingent. :frowning: Still working in Vauxhall though, so still qualified as a londonbiker. :)Never mind, dead handy for Saffend, innit?

Oh my God, it’s started already. Promise I’ll get back down to BMM with the new Banana as soon as I get my life straightened out! :smiley:

Take care all, shiny side up!

Thats one more riff raff we’ve got rid of:D

Good luck in your new place mate;)

Good luck :slight_smile:

cool you will have to start coming out with us on our sunday rideouts we go almost past you.

Hopefully one day I’ll get out on one of these rides!!!

Essex is not that bad!!

I live on the other side of essex, and most of my work mates come from there.

Cool, if you aint already a member. Gert yourself over to here:

Social night first Tues of the month normally!:w00t: