Essex Air Ambulance Runout

Can anyone tell me if they have any info on this years date for the Air Essex Ambulance run? I know its beginning Sept and its usually a huge one? Last year loads went from Ace and i met up with others at Ford Dunton? But i cant find any info on this years one?

Sunday, 10th September at Ford Dunton.

On Sunday 10th September 2006 participants will once again leave Ford Dunton Technical Centre and make their way to historic Harwich. As in 2005 the run promises to be a fantastic event for bike fans and motorcycle riders as well as the general public.

Following a route approved by Essex Police, bikers will travel down the A127 to the A130 and on to the A12. From the A12 bikers will be directed to Harwich on the A120.

Harwich will once again host a fun filled day for all the family. Entertainment will include music, refreshments and concession stands, entertainment for the kids and hopefullly a couple of fly-overs but the Air Ambulance, medical emergencies permitting. The whole of Harwich will once again be closed to cars in order to allow for the presence of the bikes and visitors are therfore encouraged to use the train service.

David Crozier Director of Essex Air Ambulance said "We are really looking forward to this year’s Motorcycle Run. In 2005 more than 5,000 people took part in the whole day helping to raise in excess of £20,000 for the charity.

The popularity of the Essex Air Ambulance Motorcycle Run has built up over a number of years. It has established itself as one of the top events in the charity’s calendar and is probably one of the most important motorcycle events to take place in the county.

We are also working closely with Essex Police, using the run to promote motorcycle safety and we will be involved in their safety initiatives ahead of the motorcycle run itself. The Air Ambulance regularly responds to incidents involving motorcycles and receives tremendous support from the biker community. This year we hope to break all previous records for biker attendance at September’s event."

Hi Blade,

I’m marshalling this event as I do each year. Let me know if you’re going!

if im here that weekend ill be doing that

I should be on this, as my club attends. So may see you all there!

LF, you going to be wearing fluorescents?

I should be there for this one, I have done it a couple of times before. See you at ford Dunton


is this not the same day as the brighton run from the ace

Dont know if its same day as Brighton run?..but i wont be going Brighton if it is, cos this one is the best rideout to go on if you havent been on one this year?..its marshalled brilliantly, people are lining all along the 127 into Harwich, scooters,125’s,harleys,sportsbikes,classic bikes, you name it…all cars are blocked and when you park up the little shops are open for hot food (cos they can prob make more money on that one day with us bikers, than they have all month) !!

People are fantastic, as all us bikers are…locals are great, putting up with all the noise, they say they look forward to all of us “londoners” every year now…this is my 4th year…first time i found it by accident, was out for a ride, wondered where all the bikers were going, and followed them to Harwich…had a brill time and went back again and again…(AND i was on my own for first one?)

Once u get there and park up, there is a all day stage with bands and disco, they have competitions, get u up on stage, the lot (Ginger!)…plus they give away all sorts of goodies…The green its on, has food/drink stalls all round and enough loos too !!

Ride home is brill…what more can u ask? if its one of the last rideouts u will be on this year, u have to try this one out !

So whos gonna meet where? right on the 127 anyway…Andrea are u going? Me and Kim are, and Trisckie prob too…? Will catch u guys to discuss soon?

Blade, I will most likely be going, but probably with my club, but will def meet you there, or on the ride to. I dont mind.

Discuss sooner. PM me with details.

Yes I will be just wearing my high vis vest, helmet and gloves… Should be an entertaining rideout!

Maybe you chaps can come up and see me before the ride starts. I will be up at Ford Dunton early-o’clock!

Yes it is the same day as the Brighton burn out.

LF x

My club I think have decided not to attend. Something about a change of organisation co and them not letting any other charity / club that promotes safe riding have any display stand.

Torn as to whether yo go or not as have a separate ride in the morning that day.

well seeing as how i have no idea where it is and will just be following blade, why not come with us…

anyone else keen on this?

Kim? believe me you wont need to follow anyone, cos there will be that many going you just go with them !!! You KNOW what im like for directions…next to useless me !!

i do enjoy riding with you…

oh and dont ever ever forget your 1p for petrol or your reg number is going up on the wall of shame!!!

OI !!! I walked back and chucked it under the glass, in case they DID add to the wall of shame !!!

Can u believe that guys? Me and Kim go into the Fiddlers petrol stn in Dagenham to fill up, im standing by the pump waiting and waiting, look up and Kims laughing, telling me i have to pay first…!! thought she was taking the pee at first…then saw the guy inside waving his arms about like a demented muppet, and went over and paid £10, then said to Kim, “bet i go 1p over”…and bluddy did !!!

You were the only one that weren’t laughing = well you and the guy behind the window… everyone else was killing themselves… especially when we had to start looking for 1p to pay!


HA HA prob cos i was going to u “F**k off, no way i have to pay first”! then had to get my money out !!! ha ha

funny thing tho - that was the second time that has happened where you now have to pay for fuel first… all good and would work well - if they had selfstopping fuel pumps…