Essex Air Ambulance run today

Well I’ve just got in from the fun and games that started at Ford Dunton in Essex and finished in Harwich [phew].

I’d just like to say a very big THANK YOU to all the guys that helped out with the marshaling today, it was very much appreciated. Nathan (the head man running the event) said that the Londonbiker people were very professional and made things happen really smoothly. And he hopes we will be back next year :slight_smile:

I am collecting up all the snaps that were taken today, even Craig Jones crash (hopefully). I’ll let you know if Jay can set up a gallery for us.

It was also really nice to meet up with the other LBers at Harwich and the fun ride home.

See you next year maybe!

Lusty x

what a good day, loads of people there and a good well organised event for a great cause.

will defo be there next year…hope you all will too.

hope everyone got home safe

Nice one guy`s.

Fantastic day. well done everyone. Really hope lots of dosh was raised.

From J and I both please tell Nathan thanks so much for the opportunity - (he has my old email address) but we thoroughly enjoyed the day and if he needs volunteers again, do not hesitate to call!


anyway off to bed now!!



Sounds like you all had a goodun, glad it went well :slight_smile:

So pleased it went well for those who could make it. :slight_smile:

Didnt get to Dunton till about 10.30, stuck in the middle of section ‘E’…still I was with a good crowd, well done to all for a great day! Bought the sticker and the ‘T’ shirt!:D:satisfied:

It was a fun day out despite the early start! :wink:

Shame I missed Mr Jones highside a v-rod, I look forward to seeing the pics, good to put some faces to names in the flesh (Lustfish, Abbey J) and the ride back was fun, oh and thanks for the ice cream Lusty!! :smiley:

Was I the only one that caught the sun or did we all end up looking like beetroot’s when we got home?!?

I got sun burnt as well:)

Good day, really enjoyed it even tho it was hard work :cool:

A few more pics

Hey, great pics…shame u didnt see the one that involved me,lusty and postman pat !!! :w00t:

Yep ive got the beetroot face as well !!! Was hard work and felt a bit let down in as much as we didnt get any bottled water that was supposed to be brought to us in that heat…we were the last ones to get away from dunton, so missed one of the best bits of day, riding into harwich with all the other bikers, AND we had to walk all over the carpark lugging those bluddy metal barriers back, plus our ice cream looked and tasted of brylcreme (if thats how its spelt)…yuk…it was horrible…it didnt even melt in the sun !! me and lusty were watching it to see if it did !! (wonder what that WAS made of?)…the band at harwich was ok …ish…but as soon as the girl singer came on? everyone round us left !!! They actually got up and just went…ha ha…(us girls think that one of the dancers had a permanent twitch with her shoulder !!:wink: )

BUT with all that, the company of u lot was great…we had a good laugh…(sometimes at others expense eh Mad?)…but it was all good…wonder how that girl did walk in those boots ???

Had a blast on way home…sorry i took off u guys…couldnt hang about…:slight_smile: (thought you were behind me lusty, were did u go?) Caught up with a repsol and we sort of kept up all the way home? turned out he lived just up the road to me and i dont even know him !!! small world…

Great pics Mo! I’ll get the gallery up soon :slight_smile:

Had a good day, it was worth the early morning and will defo be doing it again next year :smiley:

Caught the sun a little, but the pink is turning nicely brown now :cool:

Well… I was being polite and staying back as back marker until I got the urge to filter at interesting speeds :wink: I actually caught up with you just as I had to turn off on to the M25!! Use those news mirrors of yours girl :smiley:

As for Postman/woman Pat… I think I’m going to have to post that one up at some stage :wink:
Still can’t believe we made that child cry [hehehehehehe]

Saw some bikes coming through but to be honest, there were quite a few so wasnt sure but didnt think you would be far behind me !! ha ha…

i feel SO guilty about making him cry though !!! gawd…weve killed off his idol !!! still have a image of this poor kid unable to sleep and his mum calling us all the names under the sun !!! ah me…what a varied life we lead…we killed postman pat !!!

Still wonder what toxic waste that ice cream was made off…bet it glowed in the dark !! dont think we will be catching the stomach bug thats going around cos weve been zapped with radio active ice cream !!! :w00t:

The ruck with Postman Pat…



Postman Pat bashing is rife in Essex - child psychologist needed :w00t:

I’ve heard that Essex girls like a man in uniform :w00t::wink:

as python put it…

maybe he had the wrong “package”

that poor child - he was in absolute shock!!!