Essex Air Ambulance Harwich Run

Hi all

any one going one the Harwich run meeting up at the Fords research centre? the following may be of interest:

gates open at 8.30am with 8 pay booths to enter at £5.00 per bike/person. unless you have pre registerd over the internet or phone, in which case you will ride straight in with the long line up.

there will be variuos stands and refreshments once inside the centre and the leave time to start the run is 11.00am with priority given at the front to pre registerd riders.

the deadline is midnight tonight if you want to pre register or call 01787 221828

good info Johny (crooner!)… as you know i sadly wont be there but have a great day out

Damn…don’t think I’ll make it as I am working in the morning. Have a good one though.

come thru after…

John - will be coming with Blade - dont know where we going I’ll just follow her like a good little pup!!

Cant make the actual run, but am intending on going on to Harwich after my morning ride.

Who else is going to be there… will try and say hi.

Yehh, do not have to work as the move has been postponed …yippee. Looks like I am available for a run - where the hells the Ford Dunton Technical place then???

off the a12 i believe… i will be going straight there…

lets chat tonight…

i’ll bring the directions with me…

Hey kwaked, go to streetmap and type in dunton, click on Dunton Hall, Essex, you will then see the research centre on there. It is a lot closer to me than I thought!!! I thought it was in brentwood, but is in actual fact about 10 min ride away from my house.

If you’re going I will probably see you up in Harwich. Cant make the morning run.

Abbey, off the A127, not far from the DT (not as far up the A127 as the DT) where you went last week.

hey are you following me???

Not if you can see me I’m not!


I’m going , if you want to come with me to ford Denton your welcome


I advise staying away from Denton… a rough area!

Hopefuly we won’t be there Too long


Its Dunton, numbnuts !! Im gonna be going straight there…meet up with everyone on the way? Too many leaving dunton all in one go…

Hi Blade , dumbnuts here that can’t spell , hope to see you on Sunday


east londoners - gotta luv us!!

Beg your pardon…???

Some are true East Londoners, others are just pretenders with an overseas overtone!!

Hi Ian, thanks for the offer on the run, thinks I might take the run to Harwich away from the main run as they had 5000+ bikes last year thats a lot of peeps leaving Dunton at once. Oh and by the way sorry I couldn’t get in for the fish and chips last night…will actually pop up after work today.

See ya all at some point on Sunday…TTFN

thats not nice!!




will let you know what time we leaving on Sunday!

Hey hun…aw ya know I’m only joking…how 'bout these as an apology, they match yer bike!!!