Essex Air Ambulance Bike Run 2015

Thought I’d find out if there’s interest in attending this years EAA run on Sunday 6th September. Its an excellent day out for a very worthwhile cause. The main ride starts from The Ford Test Centre at Dunton on the A127 and culminates in Harwich, with top food and entertainment. If there are any interested parties, please list below and I’ll organise a suitable meeting point, prior to the arrival at Dunton.

Personally, I’ve already pre-registered, which gives those riders access to a separate priority parking area. I would those ask those wishing to join in, to pre-register too.

Look forward to seeing you there.

Meet point will be The Half Way House, Little Chef at 9am,0.3554973,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x47d8b8e064b7d3b5:0xceae44b0bb77b226

I’ve pre-Registered too. Its a great event and a great charity

im going to try to attend this year if I can find the time

I have registered, but probably won’t be taking the A120 route, it is probably the most boring road in Essex!

Booked me & my boyfriend will be attending

I pre - registered but now its work permitting. Fucking sundays.


Meeting Wise and a couple of others at 9am. If you’d like to join, please post below so I know who to wait for. Thanks.

Where you meeting? I’ll be coming up the A127 from Gallows Corner.

Sorry, fixed.

ill be there
Unless the heavens open up that is

I’ll bring the PC lead mate.

Even if it rains i’ll be going as i’ve taken in Sponsorship money via my Just Giving page. If it’s too bad i’ll go to Dunton and do half the journey and turn off

Do you want to meet somewhere Roy?

bring the PC lead with you

Yes, i was going too, where will you be meeting?

I got to meet my boyfriend at 8;15 in CHM then off to
HWH 9am be there or be square

OK, what is HWH??

Half Way House

Oh yes. lol .

C U @ HWH 0900

Only 2 days to go :slight_smile:

Really looking forward to it, unsure whether to do the full joutney to harwich or get myself “lost” halfway :slight_smile:

You need to get out more lol

Lol. I know :slight_smile: