Essential Rubber

Just had an interesting conversation with Mick about people abusing the LB discount. He said I needed to prove that I was a LB member. I said I could show that I could log on but that was not good enough for him. Jay any ideas ?

FWR were cheaper anyhow.

When i went there last year he wouldn’t even give the discount as he said he didn’t offer it anymore. I use Round & Black in Dartford as they are cheaper anyway.

I wonder if that’s something that will continue given that word has gotten around about it. I don’t ask for it any more, prices are ok and I like going there and chatting to the guys.

Hrm okay I’ll have a word with him. We’re due to go there shortly to get Claire’s bike sorted for our road-trip.

Signing in should be proof enough.

last time I went there he gave me a fair price so I didn’t need to ask for a discount
I wont use FWR I phoned them up for a set of tyres & was to drop my bike off the following day
when I got there (ontime) I explained to them who I was & what was organised
they told me they tyres had gone & there next delivery would be two days away
so I left & will never go back even tho they are a two minute walk from my office

i wont use FWR the two times i called asked specifically for pirellis for the rear, they tried to fit me with a michelin. i pointed out that i shouldnt be wearing mismatched tyres, the guy on the phone told me thats still the one he recommended.

It’s really not uncommon for bike shops to refuse to fit mismatched tyres. I don’t really know why, but if you just refuse to ever go back to every business that ever cocks up you do really quickly run out of places to give your money to.

I have to say, I went to Essential Rubber for the first time last week. Got excellent service and a very sharp price for a pair of new PR4, fitted, balanced and disposal of the old tyres.

Didn’t find the need to ask for a discount, he guaranteed that he would have the tyres and he did.

+1 for Essential rubber…Road in road out a few months ago with two new boots and a new chain and sprocket fitted…They seem pretty efficient to me which is more important than price although from other comments they seem reasonable on price too…

Big Red S - I disagree with your latter point. I’m a bit of a stickler in restaurants, cafes and pubs, for hot food. If food is served warm, I’ll send it back. I want to eat my food without having to rush it. There have been a few times when I’ve sent food back repeatedly, or simply refused it, taken the details of the head office or manager, and emailed them later. As long as there are people prepared to put up with a sub standard service, then there will be shops, pubs, restaurants, that will continue to provide low standards.

I’ve had some poor service with insurance companies too, and have dealt with them in a similar manner. I’m currently in a major complaint with an accident management company too, who have messed up too separate claims, one three time, and the current one five times.

Whilst I do make valid complaints, I also go out of my way to compliment people if the service they provide me with is exceptionally good. Good and very good service simply win my repeated custom.

Mick at Essential Rubber did a tyre repair for me a few years ago, just as he was about to shut the shop. He has won my repeated custom, and many referrals, subsequently.

I also accept the fact that sometimes, mistakes do happen. I address these both carefully and politely, and depending how the supplier responds, dictates me returning there.

What I know for sure is that I look after my clients.

To be honest, Mick’s as fair as they come, even if there are shops that are better on price (good luck with that). No BS, trusted service.

I’m not saying you ought not complain, I’m saying that if their fucking up once is a poor reason to never return.

Essential went a bit off when Mick wasn’t there as much. After a couple of interesting MOT fails I have never been back.

To be fair Mick has always been reasonable in the past, I am not knocking him that was not my aim but to raise the issue of the ‘LB’ discount.
I know people who say good things about FWR so I thought I would have a look, and at £10 cheaper why not.

Essential have always looked after us really well. I think it’s a very fair point to say that since Colin left Mick has been much busier and sometimes a bit forgetful - but as most people have experienced here, will go above and beyond to help out.

We’ll definitely chat to him about what’s happening with LB - he probably isn’t even aware that Jay has come back into the fold, so will keep you posted.

I miss living in London and going to ER… was always a great place to have tyres and MOT done, loved the banter with the guys there. Never did my servicing there as it was difficult to get home without the bike.

In the last 2-3 times I went there stopped asking for the discount not for any other reason but didn’t feel it was fair given that his prices were good.

Was there today, l don’t ask for the discount as he’s sorted a lot of small things foc for me. l find his advice impartial and service very good. Rather have someone like Mick in the area even at RRP, Colin was great too.

I always got along with Colin, not sure why he left to be honest. Does anyone know? Always got along with Colin had lots of banter and Mick occasionally, although I always found him hit and miss, sometimes he was just pure rude and some days he was a happy larry .

There prices are defiantly reasonable though! Although I don’t go there anymore as I tend to do bits to my bike on my own, for tyres I tend to go somewhere bit closer (burwin motorcycles) which have great prices too.

I have no complaints with Essential Rubber other than having to sit there for ages listening to terrible music being blasted out.

I’ve recently had a pair of tryes fitted to the wheels of my KTM Adventure and couldn’t fault Essential. I had a good chin wag with the fitter and he didn’t seem to mind me watching him work on the wheels and the price was very reasonable. In fact I had forgotten to ask the price when I ordered them over the phone and was surprised enough to say to the boss guy “bloody hell that’s good” when he give me the bill. I mentioned the new tyres to the parts guy at my local KTM dealer and he reconed I paid less retail than he could get them trade. I would definitely use them again and recommend them.