Essential Rubber are moving

Prob worth posting as a visible thread.

ER are moving - by end of this month?

For me they will be directly on my route in which is good :slight_smile: Which is the A12 approaching the tunnel from the north.



Yeah approach to docklands. But before the A12 turn off. Maybe someonw can get a target address so peeps can be prepared.

blackwall tunnel northern approach as far as i know

nooooooooooooooo!!! really? thats annoying its further away. i take it its so theyve got a bigger workshop??? :angry:

Current place is being demolished.

I know it’s not miles away from me but if they are moving I don’t think I’d be bothered to travel there. Shame really cos it is a good location they at now :frowning:

Well, that should be better for me!:slight_smile:


I had to push there the other day because I had a puncture and broke the footpump with too much vigour trying to get air in it so I could ride round the corner … I’m damn sure not going to try and push it to Bow :w00t:

another thing is there are 2 other bike shops close to where they moving that also do tyres & mot + would take on major works where as ES have always been more focused on tyres. another thing is there always traffic that way & even tho a bike can cut in and out the traffic, would i want to:unsure:

Oh bugger, that’s a lot further away for me.

I used to work over the road but now closer to home for me :slight_smile:

That’s cool, just over the river from me, that’ll save me having to go to FWR in Kennington in future… :smiley:

Bollx :frowning:

nackers! I can’t get my tyres done at lunchtime now.