Essential Kit

We all have kit we consider essential. To some people it’s a tool kit under the sear, to others it’s a nice padded seat. When-ever I’m away this is what I consider essential… what’s yours?

Duck-tape and cable-ties.

Your thinking worries me, it seems a little defeatist?

lol! If you’ve always got a litre of whisky handy then nothing can go wrong… although if it does I should be near you so I can cable tie myself to the bike as I wobble home!

Its got to be bungee cords for me, theres very little that cant be attached to a bike with them.

cargo nets, satnav, topbox, spare gloves, spare socks, rac card, need i go on? hehe

lip balm

Head torch

Yes inspired bit of kit! But surely a cigar is much more important?

Zippo Lighter,
Regular Lighter,
Army Knife,
Bike Standard Tools,
Latex Gloves,
Spare Mobile,
Spare Bulbs
Hi-Vis Vest

… should really invest in:

Head Torch
Space Blanket (one of those foil jobbies)

spare mobile!

****, you don’t take chances do you!

Tesco sell space blankets now, I got one for my first aid kit a couple of weeks ago

First Aid Kit is a good idea…

I’ll deffo have to have a trip to Tesco

annddd… no don’t take chances after losing my chian at 3am near heathrow back when the terrorism thing was on (last year?) and not being able to get hold of anyone…

A spare mobile is … what £20 from Argos, and would have saved me an uncomfortble overnight kip in the airport.


Penicillin, valium, viagra…

all washed down with a mix of white spirit and bleach :slight_smile:

You forgot the poppers

Can’t resist:
how did you wrap a mobile round both sprockets???


I carry:
Std tool kit
Gerber multi tool
tyre plug kit
scalpel blades
1l bottle of petrol (you really don’t want to try to push a 240Kg bike for more than 5ft!)
cargo net
socket set with wrench
digi pressure gauge
‘Black Spot’ detector

Viagra and poppers is a no-no - allegedly.

OH MY GOD! Where did you get a wierd floating gravity defying plastic whiskey bottle from???

If I had one I would take it with me eveywhere. Probably floating just above my head to wierd people out.

Jeez that photo is freaking me out, I’m outta here!


Don’t recall if anyone mentioned condoms…you’d be surprised how much petrol they can hold, I believe Trojans are pretty roomy - & probably wouldn’t recomend that they be used for any other function after this.