Especially for Yslart

Crikey, can’t do my Arai that fast :w00t:

Maybe a competition idea for the pub :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, I can take my visor out and put it back, but I’ve heard a lot of people say the mechanism breaks easily. Mine has been OK.

That first guy seems to be demonstating how to get greasy finger prints on your visor or face shield … as well as what else not to wear on your bike! :smiley: After all, who needs leathers when you’ve got an Arai Face Shield ?!

That’s a pretty quick though! :wink:

I wonder how many visors were broken in the outtakes/ filming of this Vid! :wink: :Whistling:

Hi…im…Kenny…Roberts…Jr…I …am…not …reading…this …from…a…


that was cool …but i think this guy actually enjoys taking the visor off and putting it back on…lol…:smiley:


You can tell that KR Jnr was f***ing about on bikes when he should have been at school eh?:wink:

I bought an arai lid form the show last week and my mate bought a genuine iridium visor. He went to fit the new visor to his helmet and while fitting the new 1 a small piece of plastic which holds the side pod on snapped meaning the side pod was lose and would not hold the visor in place. I then took the side pod off of my old arai and the same happened but on the bottom of the side pod! If i’d of seen this before the show i wouldn’t of bought an arai lid. Im now scared to change the visor on my new lid in case it happens to that one! I cant beleive that 2 very small parts in the side pods keep the visor in place. Has anyone experienced similar problems?

I’ve had Arai’s as long as i care to remember (probably since mid '80’s)( Giga Freddie Spencer replica;))

The Adsis System was a lot more user friendly than the “new improved” Super Adsis but with practice it’s easy and quick to change visors. I’ve never had anything break though.:slight_smile:

I wish my Aria would come off like that it always feels like its going to snap, unlike my Shoei XR1000 that is the best lid I have ever had.