Escape from Norway - Success!

Hello everyone,

Despite being absolutely shattered I just wanted to post a quick note on the forum that I made it back ok! I’m sitting on the computer at Biggus’ house now, who’s just ordered up some curry, beer in one hand and fag in the other

The ride down wasn’t too bad, bloody long though… First thing I did in the UK really was stopping for a fry-up in a town called Wakefield. Nothing like some eggs, bacon and sausage to welcome you back to jolly old England. Apparently the place is also famous for its maximum-security prison, but unless I go on a murderous rampage I doubt I’ll be back there anytime soon.

Tomorrow I have a job interview in Hammersmith at 2pm and I’ll be at the meeting afterwards… looking forward to see everyone

See you all soon,

  • Stefan

Nice one Stefan! Welcome back home! Just in time for the BMM tomorrow! (hopefully, understand if not mate). Really glad everyone pulled together and helped get you back! Will be in contact soon regarding a write-up

welcomne home Stefan Look forward to meeting you.

Hey Krauty…

Fooking Superb !!!

Im pleased ya back safe mate and looking forward to seeing ya

Phew - all the ducking and diving worked.

Get some zzzzz’s

welcome back

Curry & beers done… sorted hic

Looks like I can lend stefan some smartish gear to wear for his interview tomorrow so that should save a few pennies for now.

WELL DONE!!! That is fantastic news!
I tell you, this working together has really made people feel good. It’s not nice having people in trouble, but I feel soooo proud everyone’s worked together. I’m so grateful to ChoccyMuffin for telling me to visit this site.

Ahhhhh, group hug!

welcome back stefan!!

good luck at the interveiw!

hopefully see ya tonight.

Welcome back Stefan, and glad you have got a decent breakfast under your belt!

Hoepfully meet up soon.

Big up to Goose and Carpe Diem as well, nice work fellas.


Welcome back Maybe see you tonight if you haven’t got ‘bikelag’

Good luck with the interview

good luck for tomorrow Stefan.

Welcome home fella.

Although we are putting an asbo on yo ass which says that you can’t leave the country again


I’ll be at the meeting tonight for sure, but it looks like I’m coming on the Tube since I’ll be wearing a suit and the radiator cooling fan on my bike is jammed which caused no problems getting here, but which will cause a headache (eg. over-heating and thermo-nuclear explosion) if I try to ride in London stop-and-go traffic in hot weather

Will be sorted though, I’ll pull the whole cooling system tomorrow once I get my hands on some antifreeze and de-io’d water to refill it again afterwards. Biggus, whose amazing hospitality I’ve enjoyed since getting in last night, assures me he has all the tools I need…

See you all tonight… Just look for the bloke dressed like he’s selling something…

“Just look for the bloke dressed like he’s selling something…”

Oi that’s my “hatch/match/despatch” suit you’re talking about

"Just look for the bloke dressed like he’s selling something… "

Yeah - yourself!

Good luck with the interview, I’m sure you’ll be able to use the story of your ‘escape’ to good effect. If nothing else it’ll certainly mean they remember you!

welcome home fella, I cannot make tonight meet, but I’m going to try and make it next week would be cool to see you there.

Welcome home Stefan, and good luck with your interview!

Well done and welcome home. PM me about your interview as I work in Hammersmith too. Good luck!

Biggus - Well done in being true to your word and offering him somewhere to stay. That is a very kind thing you have done.

And a big well done to the guys that bought the ferry ticket and all the peeps that contributed into the fuel/food fund.

It really does make me all warm and fuzzy inside
What a great community we have at LB.