ERS (Enhanced Rider Scheme)

Somebody recommended the ERS to me. Apparantly its good for after test confidence building and most importantly is recognised by loads of insurers (can always do with a discount off my insurance ;)) Its done through the DSA and Think!.

Wondered if anybody has has done the scheme and would recommend it?

I’ve been on the govenment website but its not the most informative web page I’ve ever read, plus I think it says you have to contact the instuctors yourself. Obviously, I’ll keep reading and searching the internet but thought there might be an LBer that has some first hand knowledge of it :slight_smile:

I was talking about that to a guy i work with this morning about that (as took his exhaust to a shop to get them fitted on his monster).He did mention something about IAM…?? I also very interested to do something like this as well :smiley:

Interesting! :slight_smile:

I think IAM is for more experienced riders. I dont know what stage you’re at but I’ve just passed my restricted (5 weeks ago), had my bike for just over a week so still ‘a bit’ wobbly!! :w00t:

Apparantly this is the biking equivalent to the driving pass plus. They watch you ride and then focus on things that they feel you could do with help on. There is no set rule as to what you have to do in the lessons (or achieve) its taylored to you needs. You get a certificate and hopefully if they’ve done their job properly, you’re a better rider and you can claim a discount in insurance…

I’ll have a proper look in to it and let you know what I find out if you’re interested? Maybe we could do it together (not sure if that is how it works but I’ll find out) :slight_smile:

I’m interested in doing this … it’s the thing that is detailed in that little booklet thing they give you with your pass certificate isn’t it?

I was reading about it on the tube home from the riding school but by the time I got home I was excited at having passed and completely forgot about it until just reading your post :smiley:

If you post up what you find - it’ll save me a job :smiley: :wink: :slight_smile:

Haha! Will do :slight_smile:

Something else you could look at is BikeSafe, which is run by assorted Police. I know there’s one that regularly runs out of the Ace, and there’s another one from Dorking, near Box Hill.

I did it last year and learnt loads, and it’s recognised by assorted insurers as well, though I don’t know if you get discount because of it. Whether you do or not, it was really, really useful.

i emailed Bike Safe but theyre more for experienced bikers who have picked up bad habits than new riders who need instruction:


The Bike Safe course is a 1.5 hour observed ride out not an instruction session. I suggest you would be best advised to contact a local Group of Advanced Motorcyclists. We have a very active and helpful Group in Hertfordshire. Their full details can be found on the web

The Group Chairman is

Kit Wilmot-Day
Herts & Beds Advanced Motorcyclists
Email: <A onmouseover=‘window.status=“mai”+“lto:”+“chair”+"@"+“”; return true;’ onmouseout=‘window.status="";return true;’ href=‘window.location=“mai”+“lto:”+“chair”+"@"+“”;self.close();’ target=_blank rel=external>chair©
Tel: 07973 464007

Happy and Safe Motorcycling

Ian Powell
Senior Road Safety Officer

HCC Road Safety Unit, County Hall, Hertford, SG13 8DN
Phone 01992 556818 / Fax 01992 556820

you get IAM membership with those guys too I think :slight_smile:

Interesting, I’ve also been looking into this sort of thing. I passed my test last September, and like a few others on this thread, feel I’d benifit from some further training.

As I understand it, ERS is for us, as is the Bike Safe scheme. But IAM is just that advanced. For me, IAM is something to aim for in a few years.

It’s like wading through porridge!

Yer that sounds cool. You live close to me right?? Just drop me a PM and i’m def up for what you find.:DWill have to be end of April ish if that ok, still not allowed back on the bike yet:w00t:

Hey, not sure were you two are, but I’m also interested.

Just got email from the bunch I passed my test with. Have a look at this.

RobC (24/03/2009)

Just got email from the bunch I passed my test with. Have a look at this.[/quote]Thats the jobby RobC! I’ll have look through in more detail later but it looks like it might have abit more info than the government site! I’ll keep you posted on my findings… I’m (and I think suzuki_angel) are in essex :slight_smile:

Thought that was the case, think my husband did this through work and more or less said the same thing…

I think ERS is defo the way to go… it seems to be the thing all the test centres recommend after you pass your test. I’m just going to call the buggers, might be easier to speak to somebody rather than search websites! :slight_smile:

Hey that’s not a problem.

That link I sent you, they’ve got a branch at Hendon. However, I’m told ProBike are good.

Check this out; according to their website, they say ERS instructors are either Police or ex Police riders.

Don’t mind coming over your way.