Err Hello, I'm new but old

Hello all, thought I’d drop in - I’ve been on ( and off ) bikes for 30 odd years, just picked the perfect day to pick up my newest bike! Rivers here in Surrey not roads!

New bike 07 R1 - it’s fantastic up to 30 mph which is about the fastest I can go in the current conditions - feels like a tight V rather than an inline and a league apart from the 2000 R1 I traded.

There, now all I got to do is to get home without dropping it!

Cheers all

Best of luck!

Welcome to LB

Hi DeKerf, welcome to LB! See you at the meets…

ur never to old to ride!!! good luck with the new bike!! and welcome to lb.

Hiya and welcome to LB.

Hi and welcome aboard.

The suns out now, should be good for a quick spin!

welcome aboard!

welcome to the firm !

Welcome from another Oldie but Goodie

Welcome to the fun

oh well done!!

Hey there!!

Welcome to LB!!!

Hope you got home ok.

hello and welcome,

enjoy ur stay,