ER6 won't start

Hope someone can help.

Not ridden it for a while, last time I did it started up fine. Passed its MOT a month ago.

Try to start it and it doesn’t even turn over - just that awful clicking sound of a dead battery. (It’s not that though, I’m getting decent V readings.)

Oil indicator (not the light) is showing from the moment the key is turned. When I try to start it the FI indicator displays briefly (doesn’t flash).

I have fuel, oil level is fine, kill switch is not the problem and its not in gear.

Any ideas? Could it be as simple as needing an oil change? It’s not had one for a couple of years, but I don’t do a lot of miles.


Starter relay, connection to starter motor, starter motor fuse?

if its injected does the fuel pump prime? can you bump start it?

what do you class as a decent volt mate?

12v multimeter readings from your battery don’t necessarily mean the battery is good.
The clicking sound is the starter relay trying to sap enough power to click over and feed the starter motor.
A known good fully charged battery is essential before you look anywhere else.

if the battery reads close to 12.6v and does not drop below say 10 when trying to start it the battery should be good to go

Symptoms are …Relay clicks like its got a dead battery and engine does not turn over … but you do not think its your battery but you do think an oil change might cure your issue!!! … Your like a dream customer to any mechanic :smiley:

Prolly needs new fork oil too :hehe:

My bike is low on fuel so I`m getting a new rear tyre and replacement chain and sprocket set, will this help?

Seriously, if we think he needs a new battery, let`s be nice.

For my part, I`m going ahead with my plan.:slight_smile:

charge your battery.

in fairness, your rear sprocket has seen some action :wink:

that’s what she said


The only reason I thought it might be oil related is the oil indicator, not light, is on. I’m clutching at straws here, hoping it’s not something worse.

Battery reads 13V at the moment but I can’t start it to test the charge when it’s running, obviously!

Clutching at straws that it’s not serious!! Look not being nasty but your faced with the possible simplest of issues here. Have you made any attempt to do anything other than clutch at straws in a mechanically inept manner? Charged your battery? Push started the Bike? 13 v means nothing it’s not volts that starts a bike it’s amps. And your oil light is on due to the oil pressure being very close to 0 when the engine is not running. Stop talking nonsense and go and do something then we can eliminate problems… Get your battery load tested and charged would be the best start to the job.

Clicking noise on my R1 always tells me I havnt ridden it in a while and there is not enough power in the Battery - bump start always works as does charging the Battery - that is your issue almost 100%!

Edit- just noticed this is in sports bikes… WTF! Lol

It’s an upright sports bike :stuck_out_tongue:

No, it really isn’t! It’s a learner bike in sporty clothing. But the best learner bike there is IMHO. :stuck_out_tongue:

+1 to what seems to be the LB hivemind’s thoughts.

Voltage is fine but you needs AMPS! Stick it on charge and see what you get. Update us with any changes and we’ll go from there.