Meanwhile in another part of town someone was getting robbed…


my respect has gone !

Silly arse’s! Gotta havva laff at work sometimes.

Cracked me up - I’ll have to look out for those two, the Mall is on my way home every night

yeah yeah…when they laff at ya knowing they are gonna leave ya bike roadside…unsecured…lets all laff when ya get back and the fat basssssst has let it happen…f*** em!

I saw this vid today and loved it, at least while they’re acting the fool your not getting done for speeding

Err … I Know one of them !!

So where’s your silly work vids hiding at Trojan?

Lol … believe me just like any other job and any other group of workers we have a laugh and a joke as well … I’m just not daft enough to video them !!

Think I might just keep that vid on my phone for use when I get pulled. Silly but then hey, why not.

man cordon work really does mess up your mind…

well that would be my excuse… lol

LOL, that was brilliant, like it

simple things please simple minds!!!
glad to see some of the taxpayers money is going to good use!!!


Well Corona, you must excuse the lads for having a giggle and a laugh during work time !

I’ll speak to the lad I know, tell him to behave and make sure he never enjoys himself or has a laugh at work ever again !!

After that I’ll give him a right mouthful if he ever takes any breaks, or even dares to eat something during his shift.

Tsk tsk, Policemen having a laugh, whatever next !


Just to add to the arguement about whether they should be catching criminals rather than larking about these officers are from a department whose job it is to deal with incidents on diplomatic premises. They don’t deal with normal police work including traffic offences unless they happen to be near to an incident or see it happening. It would also appear to be filmed very early on a summers morning when I doubt that any crime was happening in that particular part of SW1.

It is very funny though… not sure it was a good idea to either video it or get it posted on the net…

Fantastic! Loved it - it’s actually nice to see that coppers are human I think :slight_smile:

I’d hate to have a police force who where forever solum and serious… that would be scary! It’s amazing how we all complain when we get done for doing something wrong… but when other people are ‘not’… I blame the daily mail myself!

mgic just shows they are the same as the rest of us! - well maybe some of us