This has all been positively friendly compared to how Free Software’s generally received :slight_smile:

Same thing when the site was last changed. People bitched (including me). You get used to it and it becomes normal. No problem.

I don’t pop in as much at the moment due to too much content being missing at the moment. It looks too bare. I’m sure it will look much better once all the features and content have returned so just be patient

I quite like that we can’t quote at the moment. That seems to make the threads more succinct. I remember the original forum, was it brown? Maybe someone has a screen shot. It worked pretty well as I recall.

Quoted for posterity.

We’re glad it’s still going too, better minimal than not at all as others have said. PMs & photos & it’ll be fine :slight_smile:

Jay - lol yep my wife tells me on a daily basis how good my people skills are. on-wards and upwards with LB…

Joby - was actually you I was trying to get hold off. that PC is ready (sorry for the delay). I don’t have a number for you and now way at the moment of getting mine to you or visa versa without revealing it on the interweb…

I’ll hook you up, both email me at [email protected].

Sorry for the inconvenience. It won’t be for much longer.


Oh pants, you can find my email if you go to and click on the about tab. Then we can exchange numbers. Great that the PC is ready. I’ll come pick it up soon as.

lol I’ve emailed Jay my deets.