er ..........well

just got back on a “proper” bike after 27 years and loved every second of it…even that Cavalier driver who pulled out in front of me got a cheery wave.

So what should I buy?? Something with leg room - I’m 6’6" tall and a bit of a coward.

Take care out there


Welcome to LB - watch for the Stick!!

Oh and DL1000/TDM900 or ZX12 are good for the tall!

wow! 6ft 6! blimey welcome and hello!

Hi and welcome to LB

Hi and welcome aboard streach.


Hello I am 6’1, and I have a s/moto enduro type bike there are lots out there with all sorts of power maybe have a butchers at one of them… Oh by the way welcome…

these have a good road presence…

for the larger man

bit tight in london traffic but you can always go over the top instead of filtering…

plus Cavalier driver (dam that car is old…) will get a shock if he cuts you up

welcome to LB mate

mines a pint of methanol

Hi and welcome to LB


Hey Nikos, welcome to LB! What style of biking do you like? IE Tourer, Streetfighter, Custom, Sportsbike, etc?

welcome dude

Well thanks for the welcome.
I was thinking about a R1200GS until I saw the price…then maybe a R650GS would be a better starting point. I want to tour the South of Greece on it so good suspension travel and the ability to go round corners covered in gravel would be an advantage…

Howdy !!

Welcome aboard !

Welcome to Lb