Er... Got another bike

I sware I wasn’t looking for that! It was homeless and subjected to the elements… It’s a Triumph Daytona 955 T REG. My friend got it from new and did only 8k miles on it but due to work commitments and house change the bike was abandoned and without a garage… He asked to make an offer and I replyed that my wife would kill me! He said ‘just make an offer’ I said an obscene number and he told me that I had just bought another bike!! Oh, well!





Nice one, but that kwak is . Soooooooo nice.

have 2 agree the kwak is 2 nice, im gonna get a blue one same shape when im earning some proper money!

Nice! And, it’s red! Can I borrow it? I already have the red gear…

Thanks boys! The kawa is highly recommended! I love it!

Pretty good those Trumpets, obviously heavy and wheezy compared to modern kit, esp the scalpel that is the 6R.

But presumably you’ll sell it…?

Andrew I can’t ride the bike yet as it’s not turned on for 3 years now… but just by pushing it in and out of the garage I could feel that it feels like a tractor! How heavy is it? 250kg???

Prob the same as 7, you’ll just have to rebuild the muscles you used to have from pushing that GSX-R around in Brazil!

You’ve gone soft with your lightweight bikes

Bet you’d like the stability (weight) and creamy power. Great bike for touring somewhere with so-so roads I reckon.

Humm! Rod had one and changed it for a gixxer old model, he was really over exited and I really never understood why as the gixxer 750 k3 is oudated compared to new machines but comming from the daytona I can see it now! When I left my Gixxer1000 k2 to the ZX6 I felt like I was on something completely different, so light so much easier to go fast even with the difference on power. Hope I will find good points on the Daytona…