ER-5 acceleration hesitates on low fuel

My '02 ER5 runs fine on a full tank, but when it’s getting a bit lower on fuel it gets a bit hesitant on acceleration around the 3-4000 rpm mark. I’m not talking reserve levels or anything like that, but I get the problem anywhere under half a tank. Any suggestions?

breather pipe?

I’ll look it up, thanks adz.

yeah it may be that, as the fuel level drops the tank draws air in threw the breather, if not theres a vacuum in the tank and fuel cant flow.

try this

when it starts open the cap, if theres a vacuum you will here it as you open it, if the bike runs fine after you open and close the cap thats the problem.

thanks, I’ll definitely try that. much of a fix it it is the problem?

depends if its the pipe blocked or it can be rust in the metal part of the pipe in the tank :slight_smile:

You might have a bit of s…t floating around in the tank, when it get low, it covers the tap, pipe in side the tank, Good luck

I recently blocked up my ( bike ) breather or vent pipe to temporarily stop fuel dripping out due to a crack inside…i got the same symptoms you are getting , adz is spot on .
I am now making up an external vent pipe tho you shouldn’t have to do anything so drastic .

( woohoo i now have internet again )

Thanks so much guys. I’m off on the RTTW ride on the Magna this weekend, but will try and get the old ER5 in next week for someone to have a look at the breather pipe. Needs a new back tyre as well, anyway… :slight_smile:

p where did your internet go… . s. I am using a dongle pay as you go shh cause this month is

am getting nearly a week longer than a month on it ?? fab bike stuff ahh got a new seat and

a pole for a old mountain bike so got two bikes now ish chain falls off me old one. Su

Had the same problem on my GPX - breather pipe was blocked.