Epilepsy & riding...

Hi Guys,

Any bikers on here with epilepsy, who are receiving appropriate treatment and have got their driving license back?


Sorry BikerFit, I don’t know anyone in that situation. I know for some medical situations you have to prove 6 months symptom free, but I’ve not been through that myself.

BTW, welcome to LB :slight_smile:

As far as I know it’s 2years without a fit.

I think it’s a bit more complex than that, depending on if you handed it in voluntarily or revoked. According to this page it says 10-12 months from your last seizure and that it will be medically restricted for 2-3 years (you have to be seizure free for 5 years to get a full licence).

That sounds a bit vague though as technically, couldn’t you have a seizure and just lie about it if you don’t have to go to hospital?


BikeFit not sure if this is the info you had in mind when posting or if you’re looking for something more specific?

Friends wife had her licence revoked after being diagnosed, having never had a seizure. Go figure.

There are many types of epilepsy (having worked for a Consultant Neurologist for 18 years) and many types of treatment regimes so the rules vary and are dependent on a Neurolgist’s recommendation to the DVLA. They have very detailed forms to be sent off by the doctor. The shortest time for non-driving was altered a few years ago and can be as little as 6 months IF the criteria are met. You need an appointment with a specialist, who will have access to a DVLA medical advisor if the situation is not clear.

(Sorry can’t help out by asking my old boss as he is now RIP)