Enormous Pothole, A40 Northern Roundabout

As you come off the westbound A40 onto the Northern Roundabout and down the slip road onto the West Cross Route, there’s a pothole about 2 foot square and 6-8 inches deep right in the centre of the lane.
If you hit it on your bike, it will most definitely have you off!

I see the TFL Road Faults system has been updated. Not only can you report faults, but you can see faults others have reported.

Does this sound familiar?

“Very large pothole approximately 12-18 inches across and appears to be approximately 4-6 inches deep. Looks like the corner of the road section has disintegrated leaving the large hole.
I managed to narrowly miss the hole this morning in the car but it is bang in the centre of the line that you would be riding on a motorbike. I f you hit it on a bike, you wouldn’t stand a chance of staying on it!”