i enjoyed watching this, though you guys might like it also.


A good watch. The music started to annoy me a little :wink: He should left the noise of the bike on there.


I like this guy on his old BMW GS, at 3mins 20 its good as the jap4 rider shits himself and waves him through. Takes every other bike on the mountain and he isnt that quick, but his lines and observation are tops. Not bad for an old, heavy enduro bike with two modified cement mixer engines stuck together! No music but watch and learn!!! :wink:

No music… but wind is even worse:

the Gs one is good, the guy seems to know the course pretty well. Good riding!

Yeah that is a lot of wind noise. :pinch:

Although that guy was on a CBR400RR and they are averaging over 100mph in parts, so the GS is going to easily keep up with him, but yeah the 400 was using some dodgy lines and the GS was riding well

Good riding there by your man on the bimmer. Love the Isle of Man for their roads. :slight_smile:

I wonder if his blade was dropping gears all over the place like mine