English word for [___] part


I need to know how you call the little black plastic nuts you find on Suzuki bikes that fix the undertray and some other parts. It is basically a small black plastic round ring which you put in the hole and then you shove a plastic small bit through it - it clicks, widens the ring a bit at the end and fixes something - not solidly but good enough.

Has anyone ANY idea what I am trying to describe and where i can buy some?


I think it’s called a rivet.


Anyone know where I can buy this?

I know what you mean. they are called thing-a-me-bobs and you can get them from whats his name?

I hope this helps

Wot you on Ben

i think i know what you mean, i would have thought a suzuki dealer would be able to help you out there

from the workshop manual, it is call a fastener.

Fairly self explanitory when you think about it.

this hould help ya, give the name and part number, hopefully: http://www.alpha-sports.com/suzuki_parts.htm

i know what you are on about but they come in different size’s.i might have some spare let me know what size and if i have them i will send them to ya ok…

Hey, GSXR Rocket, this Alpha sports website is amazing!!!

Thanks for sending that link!

i know m8, and its Rocker, lol.

If you copy the part number you can paste it str8 into robinsons foundry site and get the price/availability in the uk, here: http://www.robinsonsfoundry.co.uk/shop/index.php/parts/index.html

Get them from Halfords, must be cheaper than a Dealer.

In amongst the stand of things in plastic bags.

they’ve got a few names. Pop rivets, plastic rivets…bleh bleh. If you get them from a dealer they charge a fortune. They often crop up on ebay for cheap though.
just search for plastic rivets
hope this helps