England Vs Italy

It’s beginning. Already have idiots driving around howling and sounding their horns.

Just wonder how many drink drivers are on the roads.

Leicester Square this afternoon… bell ends

What the actually fuck!?!

Well regardless of the outcome of the match we’ll be winning the covid infection rate!

Chris Kamara on Twitter: “Horrendous walk down Wembley way, ended up dodging bottles and beer thrown in the air & walking on broken glass all the way :man_shrugging:t4: what is wrong with people :weary:” / Twitter

Wow. It’s getting worse. If we win it’s going to be a mess and if we lose its going to be a riot.

At least it’s raining, should stop some of the meatheads keeping us up till 3am

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Let’s just hope the rioters aim is as good as Rashford’s.

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RM were on this like a shot

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Leicester square this morning 9am.
To those who cleared up after those animals: you deserve a raise!

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I think the last word comes from a rant from the excellent Mr Pie