Engine screeching?


Today when my mare started his Corsa, there was a horrible screeching noise that lasted a second or two.
My guess was the cambelt, is that what it was?
He said it can’t be 'cause it’s recently been changed.


Hard to say without actually hearing it, did the car start?


More likely to be the alternator belt slipping. On some cars you can tighten this belt by adjusting the alternator mountings, but might be a good idea to get a new one. The cam belt is toothed and therefore less likely to slip, and if it did you’d get more than a temporary screech.

Flatout has a point though, did the car actually start?


Basicly what he said, or possibly the starter motor not engaging but then the car wouldnt turn over but, Cambelts dont screech they either working or snapped!

Sounds like the auxillary belt.

sounds like the fan belt

Sounds like a poxy Vauxhall/Opel to me.

Check the fan belt first, but they are renown for having alternators that screech when the load on the alternator is high.

Believe it or not, a knackered battery or one close to the end of it’s life can cause this noise.

(Oh, definitely not the cam belt. The noise from one of those failing sounds more like valve hitting pistons immediately followed by lots of other bits of metal giving way. Closely followed by wallets, bank accounts being emptied.)

Agree with the others, sounds like a V belt that is slipping. There could be several on your engine, the most likely one is the alternator belt.

If the cam belt slipped, there would be a horrible metallic grinding sound as the pistons, and valves collided. :w00t:

take it to Ampthill scrap…get £120 for it :D:D