engine rebuild ?

Hi all,

I’m new to the biking world and already I’ve got a massive job on my hand.

The thread part of my drive shaft for my Drz400 has snapped off …

Can you guys recommend anyone who can replace this for me, I know it’s pretty much an engine rebuild

I’m scared to give it to some random garage that’s gonna charge me a lot of money and still not do the job properly.

I’ve got all the parts just need a trustable garage to do the work for me, I don’t want to do engine swap so that’s out of the window.

I’m based in London

Thanks !!!

What area of London are you in?

Stratford mate, the bikes obviously not running so will have ask recovery to deliver

would you prefer a mechanic to lead you through doing it yourself? seems the smart option if you have all the parts already.
if so, you need to take it to this place: http://www.ovalmotorcyclecentre.co.uk/

Why don’t you want an engine swap? Once you’ve paid the labour for an engine rebuild (or for being guided through it) you’re probably at or above the cost of a new engine and it never hurts to have an old engine kicking around for spares.

I did almost exactly this (replaced one of the gearbox sprockets) on a WR a few weeks ago, it took two of us about nine hours all in, I think. That included getting the engine out of the bike, and lots of tea drinking, so a proper mechanic would be a bit quicker, and presumably wouldn’t be dropping the engine out? Bear in mind, too, the cost of the consumables that you’ll need - barrel, head and crankcase gaskets will probably be the most financially noticeable.

to be honest I’m not very technical when it comes engines plus I don’t have the place or the time tbh.

Well two reasons for no engine swap,
1 -hard to find in the Uk
2 -even I do find it I won’t know what condition it’s in And then run into another problem , atleast with this engine I know evrything else is fine.

Ive already got all the parts gasket etched

Ah, I can’t help with Eastern bike mechanics, I’m afraid. The default recommendation for North London is Scorch (in Watford), but I’ve only recently taken up having other people working on my bike so I don’t yet know the market.

We’ve a bit of an Eastern contingent here, presumably some of them know some mechanics.

thanks BigRedS

Anyone else, Please guys im desperate for a summer ride :frowning:

Not sure Scorch has got time for engine rebuilds- I’m still waiting on a quote for for gearbox work :frowning:

sad times … my bike got in this state because i gave it to a bad mechanic …

This just ruins the biking community and give the good guys a bad name too !

Now i cant give it to any garage because i think ill end up paying 500 quid for a bad job …

Brian, give me a ring