Engine rattle 2006 ZX6R

Done 12K miles in 2 years, well serviced and cared for. Me and a mate have noticed a rattle developing and it’s concerning. Any ideas? I’m taking it to get looked at by a main dealer but expect them not to find anything without stripping it down.

prob valve clearances need doing.

My ZZR1100 did exactly the same thing - it was ONE shim that needed doing - sounded terrible but an easy fix :slight_smile: Couldn’t believe it could be shims causing such a row…

My NTV rattled badly when I got it; turned out to be a loose tank and loose exhaust bracket. This is probably a completely useless comment.

It could be cam-chain rattle? - the cam chain tensioner is self-adjusting - so I guess it could be cam chain rattle resulting from wear on the cam chain tensioner guides.

This seems to be relatively common and some sportsbike owners fit manual tensioners because the hydraulic tensioners can put too much tension on the cam chain guide at high revs (check out the link) http://www.sudco.com/apeCamchain.html resulting in premature wear of the cam chain guide.

Should be ok if you get it checked out now.

The clearances are fine, checked just the other day. Inspection of the cams and shims, I’m told, has revealed nothing.


I guess you could get a second opinion from another decent kawasaki shop + kawasaki trained mechanic. Obviously you don’t want to pay for another engine inspection, but getting someone who fettles zx6r engines day in day out to have a listen for anything that sounds suspect may either put your mind at rest/justify further action.

Before you go there, so you can give the mechanic the full picture, it’s worth establishing the exact nature of the rattle - does it go away after the engine reaches operating temp. Does it happen at certain revs etc.

its a kawasaki man!! lol i have the same bike just hit 9k its likely to be your cam chain tensioner, probably could do with a click. they tend to slack after 5k. common issue. other than that probably nothing to worry about. i have noticed i have a click at minimal throttle coming from the front end and also a hiss noise. apparently its all normal. what area are you in? pm me come for a ride got about 10zx riders.

Mine does the same after hard graft on a motorway. Goes away again. As the man says it’s a kawasaki :slight_smile: they make lotsa noises :cool: Q

yeh, hey got a different question. my FI light came on today, any ideas as to what it could be? manual says nothing on the subject or atleast i couldnt find anything. advice please preferable asap as i will need to ride again. cheers

Dj636. You got an after market can fitted?

If so, it is probably just the wheel on the exhaust servo under the seat has stuck. Give it a slight knock if it is. You should hear it whirr when you turn the ignition on. If it keeps sticking, then the exhaust servo motor may be on its way out. Can pick one up on fleabay for approx £30-40.

If it isn’t that, then you will need to establish what the fault code is.

good luck

Re: the FI light. 2 questions, does it come on and stay on? And do you have an alarm fitted?

I had intermittant FI light warning. Turns out the butterfly valve in the exhaust was sticking. Replaced the whole can under warranty. Otherwise it might just be your alarm. A kawasaki dealer should be able to tell you what is wrong if there’s a warning light involved.

My rattle is persistent and coming from low down. At idle you can hear 2 distinct noises - the engine and the rattle. In first gear screaming nuts off at the red line around town, I can hear a distinct second sound (as if the rattle was running at first gear on the red line too!). So seems to my ear to be connected to the engine. I’m taking it into Lloyd Cooper, Watford, they’ve had a listen and reckon it sounds “tinny”. Hah.

I’m slightly relieved to hear that kwak’s make such noises. Cheers fellas. :w00t:

I’ve changed the (quite frankly filthy) oil and filter (that was a barrel of laughs, finally involving a hammer and chisel AND an oil filter chain tool). So will see if that helps. Oh, and a bolt randomly fell out from under the fairing somewhere during this. Those Kawasaki guys do like to pack in more spares than you actually need for an engine to run, don’t they? lol.

yeh i have an alarm and a after market can but its never affected the light before. i do get what you mean the servo has been sounding a little funny lately so that could well be the case. i will see what i can find. gruntmon when you going to llyods? im in harrow just down the road i could come up at the same time maybe they should check mine if its not fixed by then. what do ya think ?

Dunno yet - Wednesday or Thursday assuming the new oil and filter don’t dampen the noise down!

Keep us posted on what happens with Lloyd Cooper (I bet it’s the cam tensioner blades).:Whistling:

yeh im pretty certain mines the cam chain, just gotta see about this fi light. okay, well P.M me if your going either way otherwise i will go some other time. cheers