Engine oil

My mechanic has a varied range of oil, ranging from the expensive to the cheaper type.
When I asked about the different ones he mentioned that it is ok to use cheaper oil if you change oil and filter more often.
My question is: I do 4.000 miles every 2 months and change the oil that often, so will the cheaper oil be ok or should I splash out on more expensive fluids?

If you are changing the filter too and you are using bike oil (not car oil), I reckon you will be fine.

I read an article that said as long as you don’t rag the motor when it is cold, most oils are upto the job these days. They recommended that the best thing to do is to start the motor then ride straight away, taking it easy for a mile or two while the oil gets upto temp (it thins when it warms up) and reaches all parts of the motor. The author didn’t like starting the bike and letting it run on the sidestand as the oil takes longer to warm upto operating temp.