Engine hose / piping supplier needed

Does anyone know where I can get hose pipe. They are vacuum pipes, so shouldn’t collapse, and sit near the engine so should be heat resistant. They are about the diameter of a pencil, and are from my Idle Air Control Valve - they go from it to the 3 throttle bodies. I need around a foot of it.
I’m having problems uploading photos - so if you think you can help, I can email them to you.

Any suppliers of this sort of stuff - London area if possible.




I would think most decent hose would be ok - it’s not a high vacuum application, so unless it’s particularly thin-walled shouldn’t collapse.
Try rs components
They have trade counters (Iknow there’s one Heathrow . Staines area)
Or try a Parkerstore (don’t know of any in London, but I know MF hydraulics in Reading)