engine cutting out

So I went to see a bike on Saturday in Crowthorne (Hatfields of Crowthorne, approved Honda dealer) to see a Honda XR 125.
Starting the engine the bike would cut out almost immediately if some revs were not supplied.
The dealer told me this is just because the engine is cold because its been sitting on show for a while and that once it is in constant use it should have no trouble starting up…

Do I believe him?

P.S. I am a 100% noobie, so if it’s a stupid question please don’t hold it against me :slight_smile:

No question is stupid… apparently,

The story the dealer has given you is entirely plausible…however I would still walk away, as if it does turn out to be something more you are going to have some degree of hassle sorting it out. There are plenty more bikes out there…

i recently went to view a biek with a mate, an XR125…

he had the same trouble, so i started it with teh choke open…this gives it high revs…keep it going for a bit say 30 seconds to a minute, then switch the choke back to normal, keep blipping teh throttle and get on it and ride…once its warm it should be fine, if it isnt its just a case of turning ther idling speed up, via a small screw located on teh carb.

when winter comes and we have cold mornings…you may need to the choke on for a little longer.

hope this helps dude.

I would make sure you have a bullet proof “money back” guarantee if it doesn’t get sorted.

I had one of these on a rental for a while. They tend to do it if they havnt been used in a while. Like others have said once warm it should be alrite. So if you use it for a good while next time you go to start it it should be ok. Tho if its off a dealer see if you can get a warrenty off him even just a month or somthing.

I know Hatfields mate - I’ve only dealt with them for minor stuff - but I think they’ve got a good rep - they’re a small family firm that rely on reputation rather than volume to make a profit. I think It’s true that the bike didn’t start because it had probably been standing idle for a few weeks - it would be the same for most bikes that have sat around for a while doing nothing and shouldn’t be a cause for concern - take it out for a test ride, warm it up, and then switch it off and on to check that it starts properly.

Because you are going to a dealer you should have at least a three month warranty on it - so if anything goes seriously wrong in that time you have come back.

Thanks for the replies.
Yep, as it’s a dealer it comes with a standard 3 month warranty.
I only have a CBT and as far as I recall they said I couldn’t do a test drive without a full license.

I think I will keep looking anyway, as crowthorne is quite a trek for me to get out to (from SW London) and this is only the first bike I have really looked at.

There’s also one (honda xr 125) up in Camden at Lazer Motorcycles, but at £1795 a bit too far out of my £1500 budget.

keep looking dude, my mate paid just under a £1000 for his, was in good nick, 11,000 miles one owner.

plenty of them about, just make sure it hasnt been couriered:)