Engine cut out on SV

Right, my SV (04) engine has stated to cut out while riding it. It’s normally in low gears and low reves. It an injection version of the SV and it’s due it’s major service of 30,000 (although I have given it an oil and filter change this year).

What is causing the Engine to cut out?

Could it be the injection or idle timing of the bike? Or something else all together?:w00t:

Sounds like it could be one of the engine management sensors playing up…the lambda sensor would be the most likely culprit, presuming you have one of these fitted on an SV. The diagnostic computer at the garage should be able to identify the problem straight away when you take it in for its service. :slight_smile:

Sv650 doesnt have a lambda sensor only the 1000 version.

Does it do it shortly after turning on? Mine was cutting within the first few miles so i turned the idle up a little.

Thats the cross head adjuster on the left side under the tank in the triangle frame gap

Failing that id say new air filter and plugs

Yes, it does do it within the first couple of miles of starting the bike so I’ll have a look this w/e.:wink:

That’s my theory out of the window then. :hehe:

Seems the SV has a simple engine management system…and probably better off for it, too. :slight_smile:

Its just the change of weather then . Idle up a touch and new plugs