Engine cut-out at lights

A weird thing happened today…
As i pulled-up to a set of lights, bike in first, clutch in, the revs dropped below 1000 and the engine cut-out
I hit the starter, engine re-started but revs dropped and it cut-out again.
I hit the starter again, this time with a bit of throttle, engine started, held the revs at 3000 for a second or so, let go of the throttle and normal service resumed.

Rode about 80 miles without incident, no loss of power, no performance issues and, from warm and cold, engine starts instantly as usual.
My bike is a Honda CB600F (2009)

Any clues as to why this might happen?
Fuel tank was full
Temperature was high but no higher than normal in traffic (100c), fan cut in. When i stopped about 10 miles later, i noticed the expansion tank cap was off. Put that back on and it’s stayed on since.
Coolant level seems fine too and no other abnormal temps are noticed on the ride.

It’s fixed itself after a momentery lapse in understanding on a monday . Happens to us all …Don’t go asking it embarassing questions!!! … Ignore its little faux pas and maybe it wont do it again :cool:

Ok. Put it down to Monday morning blues :hehe:

was it raining? could be a bit of rain getting somewhere it shouldnt.

My old fzr used to do it all the time! I could ride it for my without a problem but as soon as I stopped (on a rainy day) it would just cut out…

No. That was my first thought but it was just mildly damp, infact, the road surface was almost bone dry
I’ve ridden through far far worse weather and the engine didn’t skip a beat at the lights!

witches mate. Got to be witches…

HATS GOT TO BE IT!I don’t know how I missed it haha:hehe:

If it witches as covered by the haynes manual they say … he needs to stroke a cat backwards .