engine case sealant

had to open the engine case this morning… dont ask :pinch: lets just say an oil change got interesting… :Whistling:

anyway i assume i need to use an engine case sealant right? not just wet the sealant that was there with oil and close?

if so would halfords do it? if not where do i get some?


Yes, Halfrauds will get you sorted or any motor factors.

But really…an oil change?

well i did the oil change on Sat… then decided to dioublecheck the oil level this morning*. it all went downhill from there!

  • i thought id do what NJ does for once! :ermm:

ps i blame NJ! :smiley:

You don’t have to take the head off to check the oil you know :smiley:

Yeah - Halfords should have gasket sealant Pan.

Mate - I’ve been totally slack regarding bike maintenance recently - as long as it’s got half decent oil in it and nothing is dangerous I couldn’t give a fook! :smiley:

this is what happened… i changed the oil on Saturday.

this morning i thought id doublecheck the level and it was at max when i put the dipstick in but above max if i screwed it in… as i wasnt sure if you should screw it in or not to check i thought id remove some oil.

took a siringe and a small tube and started to draw some oil… but i dropped the tube in! :pinch: … a couple of minutes of swearing and kicking myself later i calmed down.

i could see the top of the tube but couldnt get it ourt through the dipstick whole. so had to drain the engine again and take the side cover off.

without oil the tube went further in towards the bellypan… i could just about see it and decided to risk it and try with the pliers…

somehow i managed to grab it with the first attempt and remove it…

so now i need new oil and engine case sealant…

what a start to the week!!

Classic situation Pan - a desire for total perfection just makes the situation worse :smiley: - we’ve all been there :hehe:

And it usually happens on a Sunday afternoon when the bike has to be ready to get you to work Monday morning . . .

Regarding the dipstick issue - check the oil with the cap resting on top of the casing - not screwed in.

Secondly - remember that the dipstick is going in at an angle - so when you take the dipstick out remember which side of the dipsticks flat surface was pointing to the front and which side was pointing to the rear.
e.g. if the engine is correctly filled to max this will show the oil as resting along the upper mark on the front of the dipstick - which is the reading you should go by - however if you look at the back of the dipstick you will get a false reading - e.g. the oil level will be above the uppermark making you think you over filled it - however you haven’t - it’s just that the mark at the back of the dipstick is more deeply submerged in oil due to the angle of insertion.

It took me a while to realise this . . . :smiley:

yeah its funny how you can screw things up just by trying to do things properly.

didnt actually know about the front back thing… thanks

It’s the kind of thing that only occurs to you over time! :wink:

Yeah - most of my f*ck ups happen when I’m trying to reach an imagined perfection that does’t really exist.

Regarding overfilling - in the past I have just undone the sump bolt - let a bit gush out into a jug - torqued the sump bolt back up again - and then had another go at getting the level right.

i thought about that AFTER the hose dropped in the engine :rolleyes:

Shite:w00t: is this the case with all bikes, i’ve always screwed my dipstick in when checking oil level:w00t:

I dunno about other bikes mate - but it’s what the manual and the Haynes says is right for the Honda.

Dipsticks are kind of old hat - Honda should have put a sight glass in anyway.

Cheers mate, i’m having trouble with getting into first and finding neutral, thought i may have come across reason why for a minute then, i’ll get manual out as soon as i’m home;)


I bet your neighbours could see the dipstick just fine :slight_smile:

absolutely classic, i know i should not laugh, lol.

with dipstick i was always lead to believe not to screw in, just rest it on the top.

:rolleyes: i would if it didnt happen to me

would a sealant be enough or do i need a gasket as well… its for the clutch cover :ermm:

TBH I doubt I’d bother with either if the gasket looked ok still…unless it started leaking