Engine Braking

Bit of a strange one this, I ride a GSX-650F and have noticed especially the last couple of days, that when I close or come off the throttle slighty the engine braking seems heavier than normal. I noticed it this morning when I closed the throttle in fifth and the bike started slowing rapidly, other times it would coast along in fifth with the throttle closed quite happily.

Any ideas? I’m worried that the front brake may be binding occasionally or something, I guess the only way to check this would be to pull in the clutch.

Any other suggestions?

Check your brakes to see if they are binding.

Had that on my bandit. Same bike except for the fairing, cleaned up the brakes and it seemed to do the job. When’s your service due?

It had it’s first service a couple of weeks ago, the bikes only done 700 miles, so I don’t think the brakes will be that caked up yet.

If its not the brakes, have you had the chain adjusted recently?

make sure the chain is lubed up to!!!