Engine bars and fairing protectors

Was thinking of buying these


but at £161 (which doesn’t seem that bad) I was wondering if it may be cheaper / better to have a set made properly?

I want them for the trip to russia… really worred if I drop the bike I’ll case a lot of damage… and of course I need something to bolt the fog lights too.


You’re going to Russia on the CBF?! Don’t you want a simpler/lighter bike for that? Do you have any idea how many times you will drop your bike on a journey like that? I couldn’t fathom doing it on my DRZ, let alone anything heavier

lol! The CBF isn’t that heavy… and we’re on roads for the whole trip so it’ll do it… nice and comfy too… eats the miles up.


I use them on my Africa Twin. They seem sompact enough not cause any weight problems.

I paid £120 for mine though. Check out some of the german sites like SW Motech to see if you can get a cheaper version.