Hi Guys, i`m going back to motorcycle couriering after an eight year break. Yeah i know its crap but its puts food on the table.

Need some tips on fatigue. Riding all day is knackering especially in central London. Appreciate your comments.

Arent you lucky LBers 2 post in one day, then you prob wont read anything from me for another 2 years :PMake sure you take a pack-lunch box with you as you will want to make hay whilest the sun shines, means you wont be lossing valuable pick up time whilst waiting for your bacon sandwhich to get made.

Take a flask of coffee with you, then you can always pay for a shop to fill it up. (Do you remeber where all the cabbie tea huts are?), how many times have you just bought a coffee to get job details sent through on an urgent job :angry:

Dont forget that eating to much or heavy foods can give you that siester time feeling, its not always the lack of food that courses tiredness :doze:

Are you on a big bike or will you be couriering on a 125 just out of interest?

Lastly if no amounts of red bull gets you out of trouble :hehe:

As my dad always said "early to bed, and early to rise makes a man healthy and wise and hopfully wealthy in your case too :w00t:

Good luck!