Endurance Racing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stomp Racing have contacted me re the racing to ask if we would like to get a couple of more teams together ???:w00t:As before its £300.00 per team ie £50.00 each for a team of six, for 5 hours of racing on tarmac and some dirt !!!

Contact Mark at Stomp Bike on 0845 257 1056

All profit goes to SERV the blood run people , so your money not only gets you some fun it also helps a great organisation .

You can contact me on the site BUT all teams need to speak with Mark. He is aware of the LB site and myself so mention that when you speak with him .:crazy:Its to be held on 15/16 Nov at Lydd Race Track Lets try and get teams LB1 LB2 and LB3 on the podium!!!SPG

What a great idea. We love charity events we do.

I presume you need to have your own bike??

NO,NO, NO, sorry the bike is in the price of £300.00 all you need is fuel and some extra bits , speak with Mark


I would love to be on a team but I dont have any racing experience but its spirit that counts right?! :smiley:

If anyone can sign up Im 100% game :wink:

Yes you will need loads of SPIRIT!! so that we can bring the beers !!!

Get some people together and go and do it !!! it doesnt matter IF you dont have any experiance , we havent… well not on these bikes???


This sounds great fella, but we need more info, and pics ideally :slight_smile:

for £50 I’d love a go!

If you all look at stompracing.co.uk, look at the site ,vids and application form and take it from there.PPGirl is in my team with Mark and I have my other half plus three others, this makes up team LB1!!!


im up for it :slight_smile:

Hehe yeah me and my mate are as well…lets chat…


Gutted, I’m going to Valencia that weekend!!! I so want a go of this!!! :smiley:

So we have possibles

Seb#43 (might have said you were up for it in the previous post?)

Anyone want to confirm - then we can get Team LB 2 going!

GO FOR IT !!!.. all we need now is LB3 to get started???:rolleyes: