Endsleigh Insurance


Endsleigh Insurance Chiswick High Road !!

I went in last Thursday was quoted for Full Comp and explained I have a new Bike unregistered and need the Insurance Policy ASAP to Register (first registration) Tax and to collect the Bike to bring her home !!

Yeah Yeah, sure, No Problem Its Falling Off the Printer right this minute at Head Office and will be in First Class Post Tonight to get to you first thing in the Morning. (Great, just what I need so) =

I give over the £212.45 and feel good knowing I,ll be back amongst me Mates real soon !!

Four days later all I get is a poxy Photocopy of a peice of paper making out its a Cover Note that is worth Jack Sheet when you try to do anything Official with and Im straight on the blower to them.

All I get was …

“As far as we are concerned that is a legal document and it will surfice with anything you want to do with it” !!

Bollox…Total and Utter Bollox !!

I told them that Id come over and if they wanted to try to buy some Tax with it or Register the Bike with Faxing or Posting the Photocopy to DVLA then they are welcome to do so !!

(DVLA on the phone = “your peice of paper is worthless”)

Endsleigh declined said that they would look in to the situation !!

I told them dont bother but to look in to your Bank Account and you,ll find a cancelled Cheque and some Toilet Paper is in Return Post !!

So I now have a Brand New Bike sitting in a Showroom (Fully paid for) Unregistered and not Taxed and a Private Plate Retention Document on its way back to me down to a right Tossper that dont know his Harris from His Elbow !!

Sounds like a right nightmare - can you get insurance from a cpompany that will bike the documents to you?

Yes Hun…already done and the balls rolling !!

Oi and what ya doing lurking abart in here now that ya an Official Calender Pin up !!

I thought that Vogue Online would be nearer your mark now eh !!!

Barro, I’m holding out for the right deal. Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell - time to move your skinny asses over, I’m coming through, lol

Tear em up Girl !!!