End of May Bank Holiday

Just booked up three nights at Round Hill camp-site in the New Forest, if you want to join us you are more than welcome to. To book up go on the forestry commission web site, holidays, camping and click on new forest then Round Hill and Book on-line. Dates 22/05/09 - 25/05/09.
Going so far:
Fiona, me and Maisie

Dawnie, Nigel and Bella

Think me and Ray are down - as far as I am aware, we are joining Dawn and Nigel!

Me and Curtis will be in the New Forest the same weekend, we will be living it up in a hotel in Lyndhurst though and we are going in the car as we’ll be seeing the New Forest in one of the best way, on mountain bikes :smiley:

Same as that tiggi - we’re going in the car and taking the Mountain bikes too!:smiley:

Still trying to find a local KTM dealer, so i can get myself a bike! lol!

Failing that, i guess i will rent a mountain bike too!

Should all meet up at a pub! Can you ride a bike drunk?

Where are you guys staying? maybe we could all meet up for a pub lunch and a ride out with a difference :slight_smile: I love the New Forest, such a beautiful place.

i wouldnt go with tiglet she smells. lol:w00t::w00t::stuck_out_tongue:

Shut it pink poofter :laugh:

sounds good - we’re staying at roundhill - just up the road from lyndhurst - we quite often go biking there but usually with the kids.

It would be great to meet up, the site address is :

Roundhill - New Forest
Roundhill Caravan and Camping Site
Beaulieu Road
SO42 7QL

Come have a beer and a BBQ with us - if the BBQ and evening entertainment, is anything like that of the french trip, we all will have a great time! :smiley:

Is it worth hiring a bike down there, or should i get one here, and take it in the car? I guess the ones down there may be over used, and falling apart!

Due to me thinking there will be tons of traffic the Friday, Nige and I will be going Sat morning, so Ray and Chris you had better make some plans, and we are taking Bella so no mountain bikes for us.

If you were planning on staying in our tent I wouldn’t snore if I was you, or I’ll teach Bella to get you by the throat til you stop.


I will bring a little tent as a backup! I was looking at going down on Friday afternoon with everyone else. If you get tent stashed in Paul and Fionas car, I will put it up on Friday for you!

Dogs don’t scare me! Horses on the other matter do, don’t like them!

Chris I am assuming by your last statement that you do know what the new forest is famous for?

course he dont…he’s a thicko from sarf lundun innit :D:D

So I guess it’s not just famous for it’s many trees!

Wouldn’t say I am dared if them, just more cautious really!

Had a run in with a horse once, it won, and I lost!

Anything bigger than me slightly concerns me ! LOL!

Dawn, we putting your tent up early for you then?

Well it’s in a really big bag and Fi and Paul may not have the room in their car, also Nige may have to work coz for some reason his firms orders have gone mental, and in a recession too, so won’t know til next week if we are coming or not, be nice to get some r and r though in the gorgeous new forest surrounded by all those PONIES.

chuck the horses on the BBQ…nice :slight_smile:

Right Nige and I got all our camping gear out of the loft today, praying for sunshine next weekend now. Bella’s not coming, nanny won’t let her.

What is needed for this sort of holiday? Never been camping. Would we need some sort of cooking pots? What do you do if god forbid it starts to rain? Can we stay in a nearby hotel and muck in after breakfast? Mrs Jetstream is willing and able to take on the Babs Windsor role if needs must!:slight_smile:

Don`t worry about the pots you need a tent sleeping bags and a Quilt We will supply the rest.