end can

just got round to fitting an end can on my 7r after all these years,fired the bike up and the engine sounded much better because normally when cold it is a bit wooly sounding untill warm,i turned the choke off straight away and found it would idle really sweet and was nice and crisp on the throttle,i am thinking that it is running a bit rich now on the idle as the choke had no effect whatsoever,do you reckon i should give the mixture screws a tweak or probably go down a size or two on the pilot air jets to lean it out again.

found out what the prob was. no2 carb was drawing fuel up the emussion tube and building up behind the butterfly,so i swapped out all the float valves and seats from a set of flatslides that i had kicking around ,set the float heights from 13mm to 14.5mm… sorted.