End can upgrade for Bandit 1250 advice please


I am looking to upgrade my end can, I would be grateful if people could give me some ideas as to the types/makes of can I should go for, here are the requirements:

1, must be a slip on

2, must have a removable baffle

3, must have a nice sound and be loud

I think the diameter is 55mm, I will confirm.



For the Bandit, only a few makes come to mind as quality, characteristics you mention AND actually improve the bike.

First and foremost is Dale Walkers units from Hole Shot performance (TOP quality), Akro, Yosh, Leo Vince and D&D.

Yes there are others but for the money and what you get the above IMHO is the list. You could look at Micron (not bad), Scorpion (nice tone and finish), Beowulf, etc.

I ordered a can from fleabay, should be here next week, these are cheap and have good write ups, not too sure about the performance gains though (if any)

At the end of the day it’s down to your budget.

If its a “money no object” decission I’d say either Akro, LeoV, Yoshi etc.

If you are on a budget I’d suggest looking at Beowulf, Blueflame etc.

Any performance gains are minimal, the onlt real gain is in weight saving, better looks and a lovely noise;):smiley:

Actually Chunky, on the bandits, that is not entirely true. Most Bandits will realize a 5-7HP gain, minimum by changing just the can. Only thing is that once you change the can you WILL have to fix the A/F mix on the carbs as these run lean from the factory and with the extra breathing, only leaner. However in this case its a INJ bike and the computer will do a good bit of the changing for him. I actually know someone who in only changing the headers, mid-pipe and can on a Bandit 1250 has picked up 27HP and something like 20 ft-lbs of torque. He has now been playing with the secondary butterflies and has figured out how to squeeze a few more HP out of the bike without even going into the motor. This is basically only cosmetic changes to the bike but allows it to breathe that much better!!

As i say, just changing the can gives minimal increases in numbers:cool:

27% increase in horsepower is MINIMAL to you??? :doze::ermm::blink:

If 5-7 Bhp gain equates to an increase of 27% that means a standard bike is pushing out about 30Bhp:D

I was talking slip on cans - you are on about systems… Apples and Bananas mate:)

Oh yes but you HIGHLIGHTED the 27HP part as well, so that would be a bit confusing to the masses… even so, I would welcome anything that gave me a 5-7% HP boost and was as simple as changing the end can!

Carbon can co. do a lovely twin port number for the bandit with removable baffles. Although once youve had em out you’ll only ever put em back in once :smiley: and then out they come on a more permanant status :D:D:D

thanks people, looking into some of the suggestions now.

Beowulf Warrior looks nice IMHO, don’t have an idea how it sound’s though

I was gonna buy it for my K6 but found a standard one for 25 quid on fleebay…